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TWS50 SoundMAGIC声美去年年底推出的首款真无线蓝牙耳机,这款耳机自从上市后,就受到国内众多影音爱好者的喜爱与好评。毫无例外,自TWS50进入国际市场,国外用户甚至是资深老烧友,都纷纷给出五星好评。



SoundMAGIC TWS50review

SoundMAGICstill has the magic sound

声美TWS50评测: TWS50依然具备非常有魅力的声音

There’s always a gap in the market for a great-sounding,affordable alternative to the leading products. That’s why we’ve lately beenwondering if SoundMAGIC might get around to crashing the true wireless in-earheadphones party.


After all, it’s safeto say we never met a pair of SoundMAGIC headphones we didn’t like. From ourfirst experience with the brand in 2013, it’s been five stars and loads ofcomplimentary remarks all the way. If anyone knows about combining‘great-sounding’ with ‘affordable’ where headphones are concerned, it’s SoundMAGIC.


So our hopes are highfor the TWS50. They’ve got the pedigree and, even as Cambridge Audio and AudioTechnica and all the rest of them are trying to make £100 the new true wirelessnorm, they’ve got the price. All they need is the performance and it’s jobdone.

因此,我们对TWS50寄予厚望。他们有非常好的产品基因,即使是Cambridge Audio Audio Technica以及其他所有品牌厂商都在努力使100英镑成为新的真无线的标准,他们对价格了如指掌。他们所需要的就是性能和完成度。



No one should letdesigners get too carried away when it comes to in-ear headphones, andthankfully whoever sketched the TWS50s was kept on a tight leash. The earbudsare compact by true wireless standards, light at just 4g each and,consequently, easy to position comfortably (the selection of silicone ear-tipin the package helps here, too).


They’re supplied in around, partially contoured charging case. It features a rotating top whichmoves to reveal the ear-buds - they’re just a tiny bit tricky to extract ifyour fingers are wider than toothpicks. With the case closed, a rudimentarydigital display indicates how much charge is left inside - the buds themselveshold six hours, while the case is good for another 24. Charging is viamicro-USB - there’s a charging cable for your collection in the package alongwith the ear-tips.


There’s no denyingthe TWS50s and their case feel built down to a price. That’s not to say they’rein any way unsatisfactorily made, it’s just that the plastics feel hard andshiny and thin. The only time you’ll need to keep reminding yourself of theprice is when you’re holding the case or the ‘buds.



Nothing in theSoundMAGICs’ brief feature set suggests cost-cutting, though. It uses Bluetooth5.0 for wireless connection, and so is able to handle TIDAL Masters streams orhigh-res audio files stored on your phone (or whatever you’re driving theTWS50s with). And despite the ear-buds’ modest dimensions, SoundMAGIC has foundspace to fit each one with a 6mm full-range neodymium driver.


SoundMAGIC isclaiming a 20Hz - 20kHz frequency response, which would be truly remarkable ifit were true*.

SoundMAGIC声称TWS50具有20Hz- 20kHz的频率响应,如果这是真的,那将是非常出色的。

The TWS50s are IPX7rated, too, which means no harm should befall them in water. Not for the firsthalf an hour, anyway. That’s your lot, and there’s nothing else you couldrealistically ask for.




There’s a tell-talelight in each ear-bud to tell you what they’re up to - red or blue covers alleventualities. And each little ear-bud has an even littler touch-controlsurface, from where it’s possible to issue the most basic ‘skip forward/back’and ‘play/pause’ commands. These are also handy for answering or rejectingcalls, or summoning Android or iOS voice assistants.


They’re not absolutelythe most sensitive or responsive touch controls we’ve ever used, but at leastthey’re difficult to trigger accidentally.




Once they’re snuglypositioned, wirelessly connected to a Sony Xperia 5 and playing a TIDAL Mastersstream of Solange’s Stay Flo, we’re rapidly reminded of just how SoundMAGIC gotits reputation in the first place.

一旦它们就位,无线连接到Sony Xperia 5并且播放Solang’sStay FloTIDALMasters视频流后,我们很快就会想起SoundMAGIC最初是如何获得声誉的。

No, the TWS50 aren’tthe loudest earbuds you ever heard - their sensitivity rating of 107dB isnothing unusual, but nevertheless you’re in no danger of developing tinnitusfrom listening to these. And no, they aren’t the most dynamic earbuds you everheard, either - even quite steep peaks and troughs in a recording are flattenedout somewhat. But in every other respect, the TWS50s are £79extremely well spent.

不,TWS50并不是您所听到的最大声的耳塞——它们107 dB的灵敏度等级并不罕见,但是尽管如此,你不会因为听到这些而产生耳鸣。而且它们也不是你听过的最有活力的耳塞,即使是录音中非常陡峭的波峰和波谷,也会很平滑。但最终其他任何方面,TWS5079英镑的售价都非常值得。

They handle the lazyrhythm and tempo of the Solange tune really well. It sounds natural, andconfident, and it’s politely but insistently on the front foot. Thelow-frequency drone is deep and detailed, but it’s controlled enough to steerclear of the midrange above it. At the top end, there’s more politeness - theTWS50s don’t attack the treble frequencies like some rival designs, but thenagain they don’t sound splashy or harsh like some rival designs.


In between, there’smore than enough space on the (pretty wide) soundstage for a vocalist to dotheir thing. Thanks to the levels of focus, separation and straightforwarddetail retrieval the SoundMAGICs are capable of, Solange’s voice is immediate,intimate and alive with character. Even if a singer has deliberately buriedtheir voice in the mix, the TWS50s still manage to make it distinct andcoherent - we have a listen to a Spotify stream of The Wedding Present’sversion of Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) to prove the point.Thanks to a pleasant unity of tone, the entire frequency range soundsconvincingly smooth from top to bottom. And despite their ability to identifyand deliver the real subtleties of a recording, the TWS50s aren’t clinical -they have a reasonably energetic sonic signature, and sound more concerned withmomentum than they are with analysis. And for a product of this type, at thissort of money, that’s both sensible and admirable.

两者之间,声场宽阔不会感到拥挤。得益于良好的凝聚性和分离度以及明确的细节呈现,SoundMAGICTWS50能够充分表现Solange声音的所有特点。即使歌手故意把他们的声音掩藏在混音中,TWS50仍然设法使她变得清晰和连贯。我们聆听了WeddingPresent版本的MakeMe Smile(快来看看我)Spotify流很好地证明了这一点。由于令人愉悦的音调统一性,整个频段从低到高听起来非常的平滑。尽管他们有能力识别并传递录音的真正细微之处。TWS50毫无争议的拥有充满能量的声音特点,并且听起来更有活力和音乐性。以这样的售价买到这样的产品既明智又令人称道。

It seems unlikelyanyone who’s shelled out for a dedicated portable music player will be shoppingat the entry level of true wireless in-ears - we’re confident every pair ofTWS50s SoundMAGIC sells will be paired with a phone or a tablet. And whilethere are some fine-sounding phones (and a few tablets) out there, there areplenty more that will gladly have their rough edges smoothed by the TWS50s’overall attitude.




The TWS50s aren’tshort of competition - everyone from Audio Technica and Cambridge Audio toUrbanista and Amazon wants a piece of the affordable true wireless action - butthat’s because SoundMagic was uncharacteristically late to this particularparty.


But it’s here nowand, thanks to the TWS50s’ combination of expertly judged performance, aslightly weird charging case and a very eye-catching price, it could wellcontinue to be the life and soul. Your shortlist of realistically priced truewireless in-ear options just got a little bit longer.





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