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Shengmei Flagship Earhpne P55 Audition

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Audition evaluation sheetfor Shengmei Flagship Earphone P55
Score instructions:Fabulous(5 points), Very good(4 points), Good(3 points), Ordinary(2 points),Bad(1 points). Please score items below according to actual performance.
Model; Genre; Analysis Performance;Sound Field; Reducibility; Tone; Female Voice; Male Voice; Musicality
P55   pop    4    5    5    5    4    5    5
     Classic    5    5    5    4    4    4    4
     DJ    4    5    4    3    4    4    4

What do you think about P55appearance? How to improve?

The appearance is notfashionable, but not obsolete either and provides enough rigid feeling withalloy frame. One defect is that there is an apparent scratch at thelength-adjusting location only after audition of one person. Hope relatedengineer can pay attention to and modify this considering customers’ obsession.

P55 can reduce environment noise with balance,ensure the sound smooth and natural and play every note with details, having clean,transparent, noise-free high frequency part, being accurate and convincing for mediumfrequency, full and not exaggerating for low frequency. You can take anaudition of music of Taiyan Jin, the most popular singer currently. The resultis perfect and you will find the sound field of a bigger earphone is better thanthat of a smaller one. For instance, E80 can NOT create this feeling althoughit is also very good.


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