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SoundMagic E11C: What Hi-Fi Award Winner Best in-ear headphones under £50

SoundMagic has once again beaten all the competition to win the What Hi-Fi? Award for the best in-ear headphones under £50

The SoundMagic E11C earphones deliver unbeatable sound quality at an amazing price, which makes them easy to recommend.

These in-ears are the latest in a long line of excellent earphones from SoundMagic. Upgraded with a new driver and cable, SoundMagic has once again managed to improve the level of performance without having to increase the price.

And you still get a choice of small, medium and large silicone tips, and a handy storage case. 



·         video playing


On the cable for the left earphone are the remote control and mic. It’s a standard three-button control, giving you volume and stop/start functionality. 

SoundMagic may have updated the driver but the company’s sonic signature remains the same. And that’s a good thing.

Simply, the E11Cs sound really very good. Make sure you choose the right tips for your ears – you should get a snug fit that isolates outside noise and maximises the audio quality – and then you’re treated to a well-balanced, entertaining sound.

Deep bass notes hit as they should, with depth and warmth, while the hi-hats tick along clearly at the top end. 

Vocals sit comfortably in the midrange, sounding clear and focused, while upbeat tracks are sound energetic but organised.

If you want a pair of in-ear headphones for an affordable price, you simply can’t go wrong with the SoundMagic E11C earbuds. That’s why they’re our 2019 What Hi-Fi? Award-winner as the best in-ear headphones under £50. 

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